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Contribution to Society

We aim to provide benefit to the society and to as many people as possible, in all our markets. We intent to become an integral part of the society as we join and it is fundamentally important to us that we strive to operate responsibly in all aspects of our operations. Through this it is believed that we can create shared benefit for society and for MAKSONS GROUP.

Our efforts to protect the environment

We ensure the purchase of environment-friendly supplies and pollution-free process of production. We produce our own electricity to reduce pressure on electricity consume. We do not dump our hazardous in open air and water, so we have an efficient system for the disposal of waste. We prevent pollution through responsible waste management. It is our responsibility to investigate the reduction of hazardous and toxic chemicals pollution. We do periodic review of environmental aspects for continual improvement. We try to keep our Production process   environment-friendly.

Ensuring safe manufacturing process

To ensure safe manufacturing we regular maintenance of machines by the qualified personnel and we strictly maintain health and hygiene factor. We have precautionary arrangement in our factory premises to avoid any kind of accident. We establish run off treatment plant in our factory to reduce pollution. We have safety plan, water purification plant in our factory building.


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What's New

We have one trading business house in the name & style of “Makcot international” dealing with import of wide variety of commodities and industrial items especially raw cotton. We have one real estate company namely “Maksons Properties & Developments Limited” working as developer for apartment & commercial buildings.


Newsflash 3

We have one Knitting, & Rotor Spinning project namely Maksons Knit & Rotor Spinning Ltd. As a linkage industry we are in the process of setting up a Dyeing & Finishing project with the veracity of our existing spinning project.