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We at Maksons Spinning Mills Limited Strive:

  • To provide top quality products at least possible cost.
  • To protect Shareholders Capital invested in the company as well as ensure highest return with promising growth.
  • To better compensate all our valued employees since they constitute as the backbone of the management and operational strength for the company.
  • To cooperate well with all the creditors and debtors who help us in every manner when ever we needed their assistance. The banks and financial institutions who provide financial support when we need them, the suppliers of raw materials and suppliers who offer them at the best process at the opportune moments, the providers of utilities-power, gas and water etc. and the customers who buy our products and services by redeeming their claim in time by making prompt payment and by distributing proper product on due dates to our customers.
  • To fulfill our responsibilities towards the Government of Bangladesh through making payments for entire range of due taxes, duties and claims by various public agencies like municipalities and etc.
  • To be a responsible citizen as an entity, for attaining social order we devoid all sorts of malpractices anti environmental behaviors, unethical and immoral activities and corruptive dealings.
  • To practice good corporate governance in every aspects of activities covering intra alias by not being limited to disclosure and reporting to shareholders, through holding AGM in time, by distributing dividends and other benefits as much as possible from our Company’s end to the valued shareholders, reporting/ dissemination of price sensitive information, etc.
  • To provide equality to all races, religion and above all we discourage gender discrimination in terms of operating in this industry.
  • To avail for all citizens an environment free from pollution and poisoning.
  • To achieve a millennium development goal for the human civilization existing and for our future generation at the same time.

Board of Directors:


The Board of Directors, top Management echelon, consisting of the founder entrepreneurs/ successors and the inclusion of an Independent Director, provides the policy and strategic support and direction for the entire range of the corporate activities. The Board of Directors consist of Eight (8) members including the Independent Director with varied educational qualification and diversified experience, provides a balancing character in the decision making process. As the Board is reconstituted every year before each Annual General Meeting when one-third of the members retires and seeks re-election. A director is liable to be removed if the conditions of the Articles of Association and if the provisions of the Company Act 1994 are not fulfilled.

Role and Responsibilities:

The main role of the Board of Directors, considered the highest authority in the Company, is to provide general superintendence, oversee the operations and control the affairs of the Company through appropriate delegation and accountability process via the chain of command. The Board of Directors however, holds the ultimate responsibility and looks out for the Shareholders interest. They also look out for the best interest of the Stakeholders, the society at large including the country’s over all benefit in terms of economy. The Board of Directors in respect of fulfilling its full responsibilities holds periodic meetings, at least once a quarter and delivers appropriate decisions and gives directions to the Executive Management body. Such meetings usually are based on operational performances, financial results, and review of over all allocated and actual budget, capital expenditure, and proposals for BMRE or new project/ division/ product lines, collection of funds through issuance of shares or borrowing, procurement of raw materials, plant and machineries, pricing of product/ discounts, recruitment, training and promotion of officers, approval of audited accounts and distribution of dividends and other interest of the stakeholders including the employees and workers. The Board of Directors takes special care in designing and articulating productivity and compensation plans of the employees and workers. Thus reward them appropriately on the basis of quality and quantity of performance as an incentive and thus rewarding them appropriately on the basis of performance as an incentive. Board also remains responsible for removal of operational hazards towards their life and care regarding their well being of health, provided friendly and cordial work environment and favorable social relation as demanded by a good citizen operating as a separate business entity in a country like Bangladesh.


Principal Activity

The principal activity of the Company is to Produce and Export high quality 100% Cotton Yarn.

Audit Committee

The Audit Committee for the Company comprises of the following Members:

  1. Mohd. Ferdous Kawser Masud (Chairman of the Committee)

  2. Mohd. Amjad Ali (Member)

  3. Mr. Moyeen Uddin Chowdhury (Member)

  4. Mohd. Mohsin Adnan (Member)

  5. Mr. Younus Bhuiyan (Member Secretary)

Management Committee

The Management Committee for the Company comprises of the following Individuals:

  1. Mohammad Ali Khokon (Chairman of the Committee)

  2. Mohd. Showkot Ali (Member)

  3. Mohd. Ferdous Kawser Masud (Member)

  4. Mohd. Mohsin Adnan (Member)

  5. Md. Aslam Pervez (Member Secretary)

  6. Mr. Abdul Jalil Sheikh (Member)

Purchase Committee

The Purchase Committee for the Company comprises of the following Individuals:

  1. Mohammad Ali Khokon (Chairman of the Committee)

  2. Mohd. Showkot Ali (Member)

  3. Mohd. Ferdous Kawser Masud (Member)

  4. Mohd. Mohsin Adnan (Member)

  5. Md. Aslam Pervez (Member Secretary)


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What's New

We have one Knitting, & Rotor Spinning project namely Maksons Knit & Rotor Spinning Ltd. As a linkage industry we are in the process of setting up a Dyeing & Finishing project with the veracity of our existing spinning project.


Newsflash 2

We have one trading business house in the name & style of “Makcot international” dealing with import of wide variety of commodities and industrial items especially raw cotton. We have one real estate company namely “Maksons Properties & Developments Limited” working as developer for apartment & commercial buildings.