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If you are looking for an exciting career opportunity, Our Trainee Program could launch your future career with one of the local giants in the country, listed with the DSE & CSE along with other growing companies.

If you have a solid academic background and if you are hungry for experience backed up by cordial support then our proposed Trainee Program could be the key to your professional future. This program gives you a unique chance to broaden your horizons, professionally, personally in national boundaries operating internationally.

The Trainee Program at MAKOSNS GROUP:

  • Admits up to 4 new candidates each year in the Corporate House.
  • Strives for an even gender distribution.
  • Seeks candidates with diverse and solid educational backgrounds.
  • Requires Sixteen years of educational Background.
  • Allows no more than one year of previous work experience.
  • Looks for candidates with excellent academic records.
  • Values candidates who engage in extracurricular activities.


Professional and personal development

Undergoing this training module the trainees will be able to maximize their previous experience and knowledge gathered and eventually they will be able to start building an attractive career platform. In addition to performing in real jobs, both in the companies they are hired in, and in the hosting company operating worldwide, the trainees will be exposed to both professional and personal development in various meeting and visits throughout their Training time period. These professional environments exposure will be important arenas for reflecting upon and developing motivating their own career paths.


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Maksons Group is one of the leading conglomerates of the country engaged in diversified Sectors. We have 2 (two) spinning mills namely “Metro Spinning Limited” and “Maksons Spinning Mills Ltd” having capacity of 35,000 and 45,000 spindles respectively.


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We have one Knitting, & Rotor Spinning project namely Maksons Knit & Rotor Spinning Ltd. As a linkage industry we are in the process of setting up a Dyeing & Finishing project with the veracity of our existing spinning project.